We are recruiting - Contact us today!

Beginners and Learners are welcome to join us

Callington Town Band launched their new Learner and Training band at the start of 2020

We welcome any new learners, you don't need to have any knowledge of music, you can learn it here!

Don't have an instrument? - No problem. When you sign up as a member you can borrow a band instrument free of charge.

It's not just about the Brass

We can start you off with learning basic techniques on drums and various percussion instruments too!

Book a trial session

If you have never played a Brass Instrument before but would like to try one, use the enquiry form on our contact us page or send a message on our Facebook page and Jane will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

Learner and Training Band Aims

Our beginners learn at a pace which suits them and their style of learning. 

Our learners soon progress into the training band where they will progress to playing music with a larger group and training them how to play together as a band.

Our Aims

- Promote good playing technique

- Familiarise players with being conducted

- Learn how to play together as a band

- Improve music reading and knowledge

- Experience a wide genre music

- Most importantly, Have fun!