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NEW MEMBERS WELCOME.  Contact Rod on 01579 386850 or Shirley on 01579 384728

We are a friendly non-contesting Brass Band in Cornwall, close to the Devon and Cornwall Border just 15 miles from Plymouth.

We are open to anyone who wishes to come and play, from novice to skilled performer, no matter what age or ability you are, we will find a seat for you.  Instruments can be loaned out to signed up members, following a taster session to try an instrument.

Please browse our site for information on our rehearsals, Training Band and History or visit our Contacts page should you wish to learn more about the band or be interested in joining us.


Musical Director - Malcolm Reeves

In 2020, the band was very pleased to welcome on board their new Musical Director and we look forward to working with him in the future

Here Malcolm writes ......

Having been born into a Salvationist family, it followed that I would be brought up within the ‘ranks’ of The Salvation Army.


My father, as well as playing tuba in a Salvation Army band, was a military bandsman for 25 years, making it inevitable that I would be introduced to brass banding.

 I learned to play the baritone at a very early age and subsequently joined Plymouth Congress Hall Salvation Army Young People’s Band. However, my days as a baritone player didn’t last for long, as I had a yearning to play a trombone. My dad acquired an instrument for me and I proceeded to learn the intricacies of playing the tenor trombone. Having ‘mastered’ the trombone I moved from the YP band’s baritone section to the trombone section, which is where I stayed until necessity dictated a short period on euphonium. 


The time came for me to transfer to the senior band where I returned to the trombone section playing tenor trombone. Soon after joining the senior band, I moved to bass trombone (often know as a G trombone in those days) and continued to play that instrument for many years, as well as fulfilling the role of deputy bandmaster (deputy musical director). My time as a Salvation Army bandsman was interrupted by two spells as bandmaster (musical director). In addition to this, I enjoyed a very enjoyable period as bandmaster of The Salvation Army’s Divisional (Devon and Cornwall area) Youth Band.


Circumstances took me away from banding for a good number of years. However, having been branded a ‘brass band fanatic’ – I wouldn’t argue with that! – brass bands have remained one of my passions. So, when I was asked to help Callington Town Band by conducting some of their rehearsals until they found a new musical director, I was only too pleased to do so – on a temporary basis, of course! 


Time went by and I was asked if I would become Callington’s musical director. Initially, I was reluctant to accept – realising that I was somewhat rusty when it came to all aspects of brass banding. However, the time I’d already spent with the band helped me to realise what I had been missing in not being involved in a brass band – either playing or conducting. So here I am, Malcolm Reeves Musical Director of Callington Town Band, and I must say I am very pleased to be so!


Just one last thing: if you can play, have played or would like to play any brass or percussion instrument and would like to join a down-to-earth, friendly brass band, please make contact with us – we would be glad to have you join us!

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